The Real Story Behind Oscar

oscar headshotOscar is a Mastiff-Boxer mix, who was a little over a year old, when we rescued him from the lake on Labor Day several years ago.  Hr ran over to our lake house to escape three or four men, who were shooting pellet guns at him.

My daughter, Amy, is a strong advocate for dogs, especially in cases of such obvious abuse.  She yelled at the men to stop shooting at the dog, and they just laughed.  These men were renting the house next door temporarily, while they completed a construction project in the area.  It was a holiday weekend, and they were having “fun” they called back.

Amy saw that the dog had on a collar with part of a chain attached, but no tag.  He also had several broken teeth.  The men had hit him in the leg and the hip with two of their shots, and he was limping. We all felt sorry for the dog.

Obviously, he had been chained up somewhere and must have been highly motivated to chew through a chain!  Amy got some water for him and canvassed the neighborhood, looking for the owner. The neighbors all said that they didn’t know where he came from, but that he had been around the lake for several weeks.

He was a stray, and some people had fed him, but no one took him in. Amy befriended the dog and was convinced that those men would use real bullets on him after dark. She talked her husband Tom into taking him home to Dallas with them with the intention of finding him a good home. Tom was reluctant, because they already had three dogs, but he, too, believed that the dog was in danger and loaded him into his truck.

Amy took him to her veterinarian the next day to get treatment and shots. The doctor was able to remove the pellet in the leg, but not the one in the hip, which sometimes causes the dog to limp in damp weather.

It soon became apparent that the dog, who was now called “Oscar,” after a famous boxer, had found his new home and family. He is a wonderful family pet, who is also a great watchdog.

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