"What Has Oscar Done Now ? is a clever, captivating story that parents and teachers can use to show some important life lessons: things are not always as they appear to be and anyone can learn from making a mistake or two. Dorothy Castle's unique storytelling brings Oscar alive to the reader and any children that will be listening to it. We are so proud of this, our first-ever children's picture book, and we recommend it to parents, teachers and kids everywhere."
~Charles Garrett,
VP, Stillpoint Media Services

"Dorothy Castle's new book "What Has Oscar Done Now?" resonates with any dog owner young or old! The children provide a perfect counterpoint to Oscar's adventures. We have all known an Oscar, ours or someone else's. Popular with all ages! "
~Dusty Matthews
Incarnation Bookstore Manager

"What Has Oscar done Now?" is a wonderful book, that kids will love. The book is about a real rescue dog and the forgiveness of the children he belongs to. I have a copy of the book and have given a copy as a gift. And, I will give it as a gift again to other children."
~Linda Slocum

"This delightful tale about a mischievous dog will be enjoyed by adults as much as children. Beautifully illustrated and written with spirit, the author captures the antics of both children and animals."

"What Has Oscar Done Now? is a story for children of all ages that follows two children named Boone and Sullivan and their dog Oscar. This story is great to read to children because it has a slight sense of adventure, pets, and lots of lessons to learn. Plus, there's a heart warming true story in the back you'll love. This book is by Dorothy Castle and you'll love it!"
~Ellie Peek, age 10, who read 100 books this past year!

What has Oscar Done Now? is a marvelously delightful tale of a big dog who is mightily loved by two young children. The dog, Oscar, happily romps care free through innocent misadventures in his neighborhood while the two children, Boone and Sullivan, merrily, and with some trepidation, chase him. This short story is skillfully written to entertain and delight children, parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents while offered some important life lessons. I heartily recommend it."
~Fred Halstead Grandparent